Tools / Dies

In 1988 Maiko could employ staff with special know-how in tool engineering and tool making in the metal packing industry. During the subsequent years this area could be developed continuously and we can, therefore, offer following products to our customers today:

Tools for 2-piece cans, round and non-round

3-out die for round can
dia. 99 x 37 mm

1-out die for
non-round Dingley can

4-out die for conical Club can


4-out trimming tool for conical Club can


Tools for round and non-round ends (lids and bottoms)

6-out die for
round aerosol bottom

7-out die for
round beverage can end

1-out die for round lid

5-out die for round lid


1-out die for
non-round Dingley shell

Conversion Tools

Conversion tool for production
of easy-open ends Hansa

Tools for Opening Tabs


Progressive die for opening tabs

Tools for Twist-off Caps

Tool Spare Parts

General overhaul of tools